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TPi has developed a series of patent pending designs and manufacturing processes for making our wheel fasteners. One of our most fascinating innovations is the process of cold-forging Aluminium 7075, which allows the products to retain the best properties of the material and take on almost any sizes and shapes. The product provide maximum durability, is super-lightweight, perfect for racing applications.

TPi Aluminium nut is made from Cold Forged Aluminium 7075, which allows the product to retain the best properties of the material,  which is 1/3 the weight with the strength of the steel.

Each nut is sand-blasting on the side to prevent scratches from showing marking the finish more durable and giving the nut a fantastic look. The finish is soft anodized to prevent oxidation and chipping.

Please Note : For NZ Regulations these cannot be used for Road use.
20 Wheel Nuts in each pack
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